Dressage Cover Baroque Valencia (Red gold)

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Dressage Cover Baroque Valencia (Red gold)

This cover is made out of heavy red chenille with gold brocade swirl woven in. The fabric doesn't stretch, fade or shrink. It features our popular "Baroque Valencia" fabric.  The cover is overlocked all the way around and has a quality elastic cord inserted into a channel all around the cover.  This cover is generously cut and sized to fit on all dressage saddles up to 18". The cover measures 28" along the top and 29" from the middle seam down the side along the flap.  It will work on close contact and general purpose saddles but will be too loose on child saddles. 

Cold water wash and hang dry recommended.

Available Accessories: 

  • English Pad and Cover
  • Dressage Pad
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